This elegant leash with grey stripes and crafted twice is made of sustainable materials and has a width of 2 cm. It has two practical black metal snap fasteners for adjusting the length and ranges from 180 cm to 92 cm. The underside is covered with a sturdy black 2 cm wide cotton band. A collar made in the same design, a chic travel blanket and various stylish accessories go well with this item.

Dog Leash Turin 20

SKU: FW20.HL00.PA15.20OS
Colour: Gray
    • leash length 180 cm
    • with 2 snap links adjustable to 3 different lengths - 160 cm, 117 cm, 92 cm
    • 2 cm wide textile band in double processing
    • outer material: 100% recycled polyester
    • base material: 100% recycled polypropelene, Oeko-Tex® certified class 1
    • rings and snap links in high quality metal
    • Made in Austria
    • care: machine wash 30 'delicates' in a wash bag