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Q: How did you get into dogs and what lifestyle do associate you with them?

A: I have had dogs since I was a little girl, and my giant schnauzer was with me everywhere. The love for dogs has continued ever since, they are part of my life, they liven up our home, are refreshing and are good for the soul.

Q: How often do you talk to your dog and about what (fashion, style...)?

A: I share everything with him and the nice thing is: he always understands me!

Q: What are your favourite restaurants, bars, cafes and parks to visit with your dog?

A: Roter Berg, Fabio.

Q: Which dog habits do you prefer to keep under wraps and what do you insist on?

A: At night the dog belongs in the basket and not in the bed. You shouldn't get him into the habit from the start.

Q: Do you travel with your dog and where do you prefer to go? And what should not be missing?

A: Unfortunately, our Emil is not a travel dog. He doesn't like driving and he doesn't like flying. He loves to run around in our garden. He also loves the office because he gets all the attention there.

Q: What do you value in dog accessories?

A: It should be practical, look good and fit the dog.


Angelika Rosam has been working in the media industry for over 25 years. After heading the Hollywood and film department at the news publishing house and still life columns in the shop window of “die Presse”, she became self-employed in 2007 and founded the media and publishing agency “media rocks!”, where she also launched the Lifestyle magazine Jewel.

Since 2010, Angelika Rosam has been the editor and co-owner of the Austrian lifestyle and gourmet publishing house Falstaff. Ten years ago she developed Falstaff LIVING , which is now considered a recognized cult magazine in the local architecture, design and real estate industries. Among other things, she supports the local design scene with the "LIVING Design Awards", which is particularly close to her heart. She continues her passion for quality lifestyle with additional magazine titles at LIVING.


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