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Q: How did you get into dogs and what lifestyle do you associate with them?

A: Dogs are in my DNA, they have always been a part of my life, I have always lived with dogs. Recently I came across works by Brigitte from the 80s where greyhounds appear as motifs. I got my first own dog (Paul, an Italian Greyhound) when I moved out of home at 18. The dogs are essential companions for me. Whether in the studio, at home or traveling, our greyhounds are always by our side and that brings a lot of joy.

Q: How often do you talk to your dog and about what (fashion, style ...)?

A: I talk to my dogs all the time. Greyhounds are very elegant / aesthetic creatures, sensitive animals. In terms of aesthetics, fashion and art, in this respect you have the feeling of being understood. However, they usually only enter into an explicit dialogue when it concerns their own needs. This is mostly of a culinary, less aesthetic nature.

Q: Your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes and parks with dogs?

A: The way restaurants, bars, etc. treat dogs says a lot about the place.

I work and live in the 2nd district, and feel very comfortable at Dogenhof, for example. It's a beautiful location where dogs are also treated very warmly. The infrastructure in this area is of course terrific for dog owners* through Augarten, Prater or Danube. Also at the Vorgartenmarkt there are nice places for a sunny afternoon with your dog.

Q: Which dog habits do you prefer to keep under wraps, and what do you insist on?

A: They can be very demanding as far as 'treats' go. I'm generous, perhaps too generous. However, since the dogs accompany us everywhere, certain ground rules are very important - but we are very lucky in this respect.

Q: Do you travel with your dog and where do you prefer to go? And what should you take with you?

A: Yes, apart from longer plane trips, which haven't really taken place for a year now anyway, the dogs are almost always with us - whether on business or private trips. I have especially fond memories of Brigitte's exhibitions, where we took the dogs with us to the set-up and opening. Italian Greyhounds are so light that even air travel is no problem at all. Flying with dogs (of course only in the cabin) is a fun experience. For example, there is a separate security check for dogs. Travel essentials are first and foremost the travel bag, which is quite important. Depending on the destination and season, adequate clothing should not be missing, of course.

Q: What do you value in dog accessories?

A: The most important thing is that the dog feels comfortable with the materials used and their processing. Especially with sighthounds, this is not always easy. High-quality, comfortable materials are the decisive basis for a good dog accessory. Functionality is also important to me in everyday life. In addition, of course, I also pay attention to stylistic issues, colors, cuts. Now and then matching outfits arise between the dogs and me, which is fun.

William and Paul love their convertible bag and daybed "Turin"


Adrian Kowanz is an art scientist and manages the studio of his mother, Brigitte Kowanz. Besides art and fashion, dogs are among his greatest passions. Adrian is the proud roommate and companion of a Whippet named William and an Italian Greyhound named Paul.



  • Restaurant Dogenhof, 1020 Wien,

  • Hangouts: At Vorgartenmarkt/Stuwerviertel, 1020, there are nice places for a sunny afternoon with your dog

  • Walks along the Danube



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