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Q: How did you get into dogs and what lifestyle do you associate with them?

A: Ever since I could speak, I have expressed the desire to live with a dog. Then, I also managed to do so quite early on. Now, I can no longer imagine life without a dog, the thought is very strange to me. I associate it with a lot of happiness and satisfaction. A family dynamic with a dog feels complete. The loyalty, the joy, the growing together.

Q: How often do you talk to your dog and about what (fashion, style...)?

A: Daily. I encourage Sirius Grace Anouk to keep going through the world strong and confident, especially as a small dog (1.4 kg) in such a big and noisy world. It's not always easy!

Q: Your favourite restaurants, bars, cafes and parks with dog?

A: As an assistance dog Sirius is allowed into any park. That's why I like to walk with her through all the parks in the city center which are otherwise not open to dogs. Even pubs are no problem for the same reason. We are only ever troubled if the music gets too loud, that is, of course, nothing for Sirius.

Q: Which dog habits do you prefer to keep under wraps and what do you insist on?

A: On the street and with the many people in the city, it is important that Sirius and I are very well attuned - something can happen quickly to such a small dog. It is, therefore, essential that we listen to each other and collaborate smoothly as a team in every situation, like a well "oiled machine".

Q: Do you travel with your dog and where do you prefer to go? And what should not be missing?

A: We are open to all countries which permit entry with a dog. It's especially nice to rent a house on Föhr (neighbouring island of Sylt) in the summer, ride bikes around the island and to the beaches.

Q: What do you value in dog accessories?

A: Quality and sustainability. For Sirius, I have a stalking leash made of leather and horn from the hunting store. The leash can be worn diagonally so that my hands are free.

Sirius Grace Anouk can always be seen looking chic in her dog collar "Pigalle".


Anouk Lamm Anouk is an artist. An enfant terrible of painting as well as poetry on canvas. Anouk stands out due to her unusual and unique approach to art and to life - quietly and steadfastly. Living in the midst of artworks. Living and creative space are one and the same in the Casa, the Studio Anouk Lamm Anouk. Dog and cat are present privately as well as professionally, ever since her childhood. In fact, Anouk can't remember a life without animals, since she already vehemently expressed her desire to live with animals as a toddler. Animal creatures, sometimes ghostly, sometimes mystical, also have a recurring presence in Anouk's paintings. In addition to her post/pre, Lesbian Jazz, and The Void is my Temple series, Anouk also enjoys working on ornamental repetitive paintings with (animal) entities - and increasingly writing. Her work the "lamb" exists not only on canvas, but it was also on display as a three-dimensional black creature at the renowned 21st House of the Belvedere museum in Vienna. The work of Anouk Lamm Anouk as well as her daily life with her animals in the studio can be followed almost daily via Instagram: @anouklammanouk


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