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Q: How did you get into dogs and what lifestyle do you associate with them?

A: I met the owner of Harry - a Westie - 25 years ago. Harry was one of the Westies from the Cesar dog food commercials and was such a fantastic dog. He belonged to a Danish pet trainer. From then on, I knew it had to be a Westie. It then became two Westies and a third came to live with my mother-in-law.

Q: How often do you talk to your dog and about what (fashion, style...)?

A: Every day, because they are family members. No. 1 is, of course, their "Fressi", but styling is also very important, of course, and they endure bravely and are washed and groomed every weekend to keep them nice and white.

Q: Your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes and parks with dog?

A: Our favourite café in our hood is Café Jelinek with a new beautiful Schanigarten, but they also love to lie under the big benches in the bunks near the stove. Parks are unfortunately not allowed for dogs in Vienna, but if they are, then certainly the city park with the wonderful duck pond.

Q: What dog habits do you prefer to keep under wraps and what do you insist on?

A: Monti and Lenny are unfortunately sometimes annoying when we are at the table, but not when guests are visiting. We insist on a nice coat grooming, and they get trimmed every six to eight weeks.

Q: Do you travel with your dog? Where do you prefer to go? And what can't be missing?

A: Since there is almost nowhere in Europe where you can take your dog to the beach, we go to the mountains in South Tyrol or Provence! Of course, the complete dog equipment - such as collapsible dog basket, bags and also bowl, etc. - must not be missing. Not all hotels are sufficiently equipped with it.

Q: What do you look for in dog accessories?

A: They should be stylish and not too colourful and too "funny" and fit our rather conservative style. We also like to have different colours and materials. I like different accessories in Provence than in the mountains. I know that may be an exaggeration, but I get such joy when our "jacks" are so beautiful - and that's the most important thing, isn't it!

Monti and Lenny love their matching "Geneva" collars.


Interior designer Robert Ludl needs a stylistically confident sense for shapes, colours and design not only in his working life, where he furnishes chalets, villas, elegant offices or penthouses together with his business partner Georg Dunekamp as "Weihburg Interior". His "boys", two West Highland Terriers named Monti and Lenny, also want to be groomed and styled - not only on weekends. Robert Ludl also relies on his fine sense and good instincts when it comes to his dogs. The right accessory at the right time sweetens many a day for the dogs and his owner!


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